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Meet the Board



Jackie Gilmour - Chair

I have been vice Chair of the PEEK board since may 2012. I joined the board in an effort to give something back to PEEK after many years of my children going along to various PEEK activities, from singing groups and theatre groups to Peer education projects and holiday clubs. They then became young volunteers and my daughter is now a sessional worker with PEEK.

I am also a part time nurse. I am really enjoying my time on the PEEK board,getting to meet lots of new and interesting people but mostly being part of a fantastic project. I have watched PEEK go from strength to strength and know that it is helping to improve the lives of young people throughout Glasgow.


Lydia Duncan - Director


Lydia grew up in Sherwood Park in Canada, but also spent a few childhood years living in Boston, America and Caracas, Venezuela. She’s proud of achieving a Degree in Sociology and a Diploma in Public Relations – it was a long time to be studying! She’s also proud of her travels around Europe and eventually settling down in glorious Glasgow. Lydia is happy to be a part of the PEEK board because it means she gets a chance to help make Glasgow a better place to grow up. When Lydia was growing up, her favourite game to play was the card game Cheat! and often played it with her sister, brothers and cousins.




Marie McArdle - Secretary

I became involved with PEEK initially by attending fundraisers as had a few friends that were involved with the charity.  I was first of all impressed with the people involved and their passion for what they were doing.  Then the more I found out about what they were doing, I wanted to help too! I became a member of the board in May 2011 and soon became secretary for the board.  I am also part of the fundraising sub-committee which is great fun.  Working as a property manager can be pretty stressful at times so I welcome the chance to use my skills in a creative and fun environment all for a great cause"



Charles Bleakley - Treasurer

I joined the PEEK Board, as Treasurer, in May 2013. I had worked with PEEK through my job for a number of years and decided it time to take a more active role in the charity and applied to join the Board. 

I work for PwC as Voice Systems Manager, part of a national team supporting the firm’s telephone systems and network.  I mainly look after reporting on the firm’s telephone network’s performance, producing different statistics and monitor and report on the firm’s call spend across all our UK offices.  I also act as the Glasgow community champion organising and managing our community, volunteering and fundraising activities. I have worked at PwC for over 23 years have had a number of roles, mainly in facililities and operations, during that time. Each role has presented new and different challenges and allowed me to develop a range of skills which I hope will be of use during my time on the Board.

I also like puzzles that involve a lot of thinking like sudoku but with work and children, who are going up too fast, I don’t get time to enjoy some of these activities as much as I would like!  I enjoy playing board games with the kids although quite often end up losing as we are a very competitive family.  I am also quite musical and make an effort at playing piano and also play the trumpet, although haven’t done for some time.

I am reasonably fluent in sign language having studied levels 1, 2 and 3 at local colleges.  I have some deaf friends so able to practise and use the language often and one day hope to realise a dream to train to be a sign language interpreter for the deaf!

Growing up my family regularly played board games and I often won when playing against my younger sister (shame I can’t replicated the same with my kids!!).  I liked playing lots of games but favourite was probably money. I’ve always been numerically minded, able to retain numbers better than names so it’s probably not a surprise to hold the Board position as Treasurer!!



Janine Burch- Director

I have been involved with PEEK for the last 3 years and on the Board for approx 2 years now.  Given my over 10 years experience in HR, I also run the HR Subgroup and support the PEEK Team with HR policies and procedures.  I love working with PEEK and the enthusiastic staff, fellow board members and children and is a  joy to see everyone grow and develop through play.  I have worked in Glasgow for the last 10 years and find it rewarding to be part of an organisation that gives back to the community and has great plans to continue to develop new play practices.  With a little family on the way, I look forward to my own child getting involved in the fun with PEEK.



Alex Johnstone - Diector

I have over 15 years’ experience in funding and working with the voluntary sector.  I know the sector well, including the play sector, and have operated a senior and strategic level including involvement in developing the Early Years Framework, National Parenting Strategy and Play Strategy.  I have a keen interest in the well being and life chances of young people including 2 years as a teacher and 3 years as a volunteer at the Glasgow Children Hearing system.  I know the funding landscape very well and have good connections across the funding, voluntary and public sectors.  I continue to volunteer when can and took  part in the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.  I’ve known PEEK for a few years now and admire the work they do and how they have grown over the years.  I enjoy the company of friends and families and tend to spend most of my free time with them.  I like nothing better than a good book and a bath.  I attend the cinema, theatre and football on a regular basis.  I love visiting new places so like to travel a bit as well as visiting family and friends abroad.




Katy Anderson- Director 

 As a qualified P.E. teacher, I have always had a natural passion of sport, play and and physical activity. I enjoy a wide range of sports such as Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball and Hockey - you can't beat the positive mental feeling of a wee game! 

I also enjoy keeping active by running regularly and trying to keep up with our amazing young people across Glasgow. As a Faculty Head of Health and Wellbeing and Senior Leader of Raising Attainment and Achievement in Glasgow, it is my aim to ensure that young people have accessible opportunities to experience healthy, active and enjoyable learning experiences within an environment where children are respected and their views and needs come first.


Karen Craig




Martin Dick


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